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In Loving memory of our friends.


My baby Ariel passed away September 10. She was just a little over a year. She was my everything!  She helped me through a bad car accident.  She definitely left a print in my family's hearts. We will miss her forever. Rest easy baby girl!

Killy McMurdermittens
August 1, 2019 – September 26, 2023 Killy was a magical arctic snow cat. At the time of his untimely death during a routine tooth cleaning, he was aged four years, one month, and 25 days. As a kitten, Killy enjoyed clawing his way up his mom’s pant legs to have a snuggle. As he grew into a young man, he liked to wake his mom up with a delicate claw to the face at 5:30 AM to remind her that it was time to get out of bed. He spent most of his time lying in the garden under the tomato plants and in random neighborhood bushes. When indoors, he enjoyed knocking stuff off countertops and tables, like kitchen knives and water bottles. When outdoors, he loved to leap out of random neighborhood bushes when his family would pass by on a walk and roll around on the pavement. He loved walking around the block with his home dogs, Wicket and Ziggy. The mice nor the crickets will miss him. He is survived by his best friends and brothers, Wicket, who loved him very much, sometimes inappropriately, and Ziggy, who was just happy to have a friend willing to duel. He is also survived his loving human parents, who are devastated at this monumental loss and who will cherish the memories we made together. We love you little buddy.

Dexter was the best thing that ever happened to our family. Our forever best friend. 15 1/2 years with you and I would do anything to have 15 more. Thank you for being with me on my best days and loving me on my worst days.. Thank you for sticking by my side through everything. 

I keep asking myself why, why, why couldn’t I have you with me a little longer, why did you have to go now.. and my minds racing with a lot of I hopes.. I hope I gave you the best life, I hope you felt how much I loved you.. & I hope you will never ever forget about me…  I love you forever and always dexter… My life is shattered, it will never be the same with you gone…  



Ten years ago, when a dirty little lost kitty walked into our yard and sat in my wife’s lap, we never imagined the gift that she would become to our family, and the lessons we would learn from her. We named her Anya, after the lost Princess Anastasia, and she became the heart of our home. Nightly snuggles before she curled up at the bottom of the bed. Frequent “gifts” of toys she would bring to the bedroom, proudly announcing her arrival. Continuing to show her love while her health declined. So many unforgettable moments. The pain of her loss is huge. But we hold on tightly to the wonderful memories of the beautiful ball of fluff that taught us unconditional love.


Doodles M. Olson (“M” is for magnificent”) his middle name was constantly changing as an inside joke, he was one of a kind.  He had many nicknames: Dood, Diddles, His royal Doodness, Dingles, Left Licker, Blep Blepperson ,snuggle butt, Zoolander (he could never spin to the left), the list goes on.  He was one of a kind, and had a bigger heart and personality than most people ever will.  He was so much more than a family member.  He was the nucleus of our family, due to his kindness and ability to bring comfort, and his innate ability to know when someone needed a shoulder to cry on. He had a longer life than so many but it still didn’t seem long enough. There will always be a hole where he once resided but at the same time we truly hope he’s always beside us. Sometimes it’s hard to not see traces of him in our daily motions and interactions.  There will be no better friend, companion, pet, roommate, or any other description for what he brought to this world.  our only comfort is that he’s resting well. Forever in our hearts doesn't  seem to do him justice.  He was the best, period.


In loving memory of Berlynn -

A remarkable dachshund whose bravery, boundless friendship & unwavering loyalty touched the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her. Ber's fearless spirit and open-hearted nature meant anyone who crossed her path whether they realized it or not would soon find themselves embraced by her energy. Her confidence, strength and intelligence were a testament to her unmatched character. Her ability to forge deep connections with people and animals alike was a true gift. Her presence brought comfort and joy in my life and her memory will forever be cherished. In times of need her bravery shone brightly- reminding me strength comes in all sizes. She leaves behind a type of love and companionship that will be remembered. You will be missed, but your spirit will live on in the hearts of those you touched.
"I love you Berlynn thank you for experiencing life with me for the short time you were here."


We knew you were the perfect dog the moment you came into our house. You were the best dog any one could ask for. We miss you so much. You did so much for our family and we were lucky to have you as our dog. We miss your sass and your sweetness. We miss car rides with you, we miss when you would jump for joy when we came home. You always knew how to comfort anyone and make people smile. We love you Hugo, say hi to Chewy for us!




It seems like yesterday that we brought you home.

 A little bundle of fur a sweet golden retriever 

Sophie Lou is what we named you.

You immediately become a part of our lives and our hearts.

Wherever we would go, in the back seat you would go.

We often went to Bear Lake your favorite place on earth.

After 11 years we lost you, you left us too way soon.

 As everyone knew, we couldn't hide the tears.

You are in a better place now all your pain is gone we will keep you in our hearts, until we meet again.

Indicia Lou, Indie Lou

05/13/2006 - 04/10/2023

Indie came to me at 6 weeks old from a couple going to BYU, because they couldn't care for her high energy and were expecting a child, my little 12 year old self fell in love with the first kiss.  Instantly bonded, my girl stayed by my side through thick and thin, heartache to triumph. The best girl a girl could have ever asked for she stayed with me as long as her body could allow.  

She loved hiking and playing outside and tormenting the local gopher population. That little love could be heard from miles around. She was the best cuddler, the A fiercest protector, and my soulmate.  Her favorite thing was sharing meals with her Momma and cuddles in the winter.  Her filled my heart with so much joy and so much gratitude. Until I see you again, Little Mommas.  I miss you. I love you.  Thank you for being my best girl.  Thanks for making me a Momma.  I love you. ❤️


Eulogy to Wallace:                                                      June 2023

Dearest Wallace:  

Our sadness for your loss is difficult to bear. Yet, increasingly, we are elated to believe that you actually did breakthrough the ceiling of earthly horrors that you had suffered before you came to us.  During 0ur months together, we saw you become Yourself , express your personal opinions to both people and pups,  and prance like a spring foal in the garden.  You became a Hero! We pray that you have found glory!  Please look for our other brave& dear Ones across the Rainbow Bridge; and please do meet us when we come.

Yourloving friends: June, Sarah, Gracie, Kaede and Suz


Many rabbits are reserved and don't show a lot of affection, but you could feel Jellybean's love from across the room. In our short time with her after her rescue, she quickly grew from shy and reserved to extremely loving and sweet. Everyone who met her felt her warmth, heard her tiny, joyful squeaks, and instantly loved her. Jellybean will always be the prettiest girl at the party and we will miss her dearly.

Emilio passed away 6/11/2023, It was just time for him to leave to the Rainbow Bridge. He lived many cat years (17) and he was tired. Thanks to Major Street Pet Services for their kind words and helping our family.

Swayze Ball (Swayze Ray) 2011-2023

Swayze came into our lives through pure fate. Swayze has been nothing less than a miracle for our family. He loved to ride in the car, in the bike basket, and goon long walks with his dad. He knew it was time to walk when he heard the Jeopardy theme song play. Swayze had to eat what we were eating, he always got last bite. When he had to go outside he would shake his ears to let’s us know. Swayze will always be our little boy. He is preceded in death by his human mommy, Brittany Ann; survived by his daddy, Ron and grandma Jackie who loved him so very much. Run free our little boy!


Bobo was my sweet little boy.  He brought so much adorable fun and happiness to our lives for 13 great years from July 2010 to April 2023.  Miss him and him little pig tail running around my feet and keeping the other dogs in line. His cute little bark when something was annoying him. His lovely little underbite that made his cute tiny, smooshed face. He had so much character. We miss you and will see you at the rainbow bridge Bobo.  Love you Bobo.

I got her during the pandemic because I was pretty lonely at the time and going though rough times. When I went to buy her I noticed how neglected she was by the pet store. As soon as I got her, we got inseparable, she would always scream if she missed me, if I didn’t pet her, if I didn’t pay attention to her. She was the sweetest pet anyone wish would have. I love her with all my heart, and everyone around her got their hearts stolen by her. She would give us so much joy. Thank you for all her love Ramona April 2020 - May 3, 2023🤍
He was a very loving dog to us always playful he loved his toys and when I would throw them to him he would always bring it back to play again he had a favorite toy his bear and he also liked his squeaky toy. He really loved my husband lynn he would follow him and be at his side always. He had a sweet soul that we will dearly miss until we see him again in heaven love you Chico such good memories we will cherish always. We was blessed to have him

We were so blessed to have Chloe for 13 years. She was a big part of our home and our family. She was so loving and sweet. She loved having her head and ears scratched. She loved her food and treats and she was so good at begging. She had the best begging face.  She passed away suddenly on 03/20/2023 and she will be forever missed and loved.


I remember how high you jumped to catch birds, no matter how many times I chased you with the broom you couldn't understand why I didn't allow you. Grandma spoiled you and looked the other way. You gave us 15 years of unconditional love.  You stayed next to mama kissing her and comforting her until she passed.  You are ok now, you are with mama.  She missed you so much that took you to heaven with her. You are young again and can jump high, and I'm pretty sure she'll let you catch the birds.  Forever in my heart my dear Luciano. Until I see you again.


I lost a part of me yesterday 😪 I had to say goodbye to my "bubs" Indigo! 

My Indy girl, you were my best friend for 15 years. We had so many adventures together as well as many heartaches and trials. You were always right there for me. A companion, a friend, true comfort, Loyalty and ❤️ love! We moved to many states and we lost relationships together. We gained new life together when the girls were born....their first dog. To have something to stick stickers on and toilet paper. You were the best dress up buddy, especially a unicorn!🦄 You were a protector from feeling alone and scared to go upstairs alone. Those little girl's love you and will miss you. I will miss the music your nails made tapping on the hard wood floors. The best cuddle buddy for our house. Neko and Oliver your fur brothers are confused but know you are gone. We will always have an empty space without you. I love you sweet girl... I know you will do what I asked you to do before you took your last breath.  

Goodbye Indy girl.


Our lives are not the same without you.  You made us laugh with your antics and when you tossed around your toys and rug.  Laying with you on the carpet rubbing your chubby cheeks, nose, and long ears was the best. You were a devoted friend to your bunny bud Lily.  You two were inseparable and you were always happy to groom her.  We miss you, but are happy you are hopping around without hip and back pain. 


For 13 years you gave us your endless cuddles, endless love & endless loyalty. Our home & hearts are not the same without you our “Fatboy - Pukalou”! We miss & love you so much! Thank you for coming into our lives & letting us love you & in return thank you for always loving us! Zeus misses you! Until that sweet day, I’ll always love you more my boy xoxo - mom


On January 16, 2023 we lost our dear Tank. He gave us 12 wonderful years. He loved car rides, hanging out with family and friends and loved all kids.  We will cherish all the wonderful  memories with him.  Tank will forever be missed.


BabyGurl was born 5/20/2008.  She passed 11/27/2022.  She was born with some different qualities that made her an exceptionally lovable little girl.  She was a fighter from the beginning to the end.  She was the able to get me through the rough days with her all the grace and charm a small little girl could give.  She will be missed by us all everyday and never forgotten.


I had my dear Peyton for a wonderful 15 years. I grew up with him, from kindergarten all the way up to senior year. Everyday when I came home from school he was there. We picked him out when he was a baby and I remember his “raccoon tail”. He had a feisty spirit and was full of energy and rambunctiousness. Ashe got older, he had this sweet and caring nature about him. He followed us around and sat by the heater with us, always wanting to be near to us. He was my heart and soul. He will be missed more than anything in my heart. Thank you for being the joy of my life. I love you Peyton. Love, Lexy, Jody, and family. 


Pilot you are my best friend. You have been with me through so many significant moments in my life and I can’t remember a time when you were not there to give me supportive licks or barks of confidence. We had 11 years of adventures that are unforgettable and it will be hard to go to our “regular” spots without you. I miss your claws clicking on the tile, your thud when you jumped off the front bed, barking at dad when he got home, and accompanying me on so many “bye byes.” I will love you forever.


Our beautiful princess cat, Yoshi, passed away on December 16th. I adopted her from the SPCA 19 years ago in December of 2003. She is now reunited with her younger sister, Geronimo, who passed just a few months ago back on August 31st and is seen hugging on Yoshi in the upper right picture taken back in 2005. During her last couple of years, Yoshi loved getting hugs from her daddy, sitting on laps, and snuggling under the comforter on the bed. Christmas was not the same this year with two kitties instead of four and Yoshi missed her sister, Drusilla's, 20th birthday (adopted with Yoshi) by just a few weeks. At her passing, Yoshi was survived by her sisters - Drusilla, Adinga, and Chibi the duck.


08/21/10 - 12/28/22

Sparkles was the sweetest dog, she had the best personality, she changed our lives forever and will always have a place in our hearts. We will miss you Sparkles and we will always love you. Rest peacefully our little old lady.


Cinnamon was the dog ever! ❤️❤️❤️


Our wonderful Geronimo passed away on August 31st. She was with me for over 17 years and was always a good girl, even as a feral kitten. Geronimo and her siblings lived in my neighbor's spare bedroom for a couple of weeks after we trapped them in early January 2005.After I took Geronimo home, she stayed in my spare bedroom for another two weeks so she could be socialized. The day I decided to let her out into the house, she and her two older sisters, Yoshi and Drusilla, ran around and played for about three hours straight. We all went through a lot together - direct hits from hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne in 2004; a long distance move in 2007, and another in 2017. At her passing, Geronimo was survived by her sisters - Yoshi, Drusilla, Adinga, and Chibi the duck.


2011 - 2022

We got Roxy when she was 4 months old. We had her for 11 years. She was the best Chihuahua ever! Roxy trusted us completely, we could do anything with her and she knew we would never hurt her. Roxy was our heart. She rescued us, not the other way around. She never really made noise, always loving when we had guests come. Our hearts are so broken and hurt. There are so many memories in our house. Roxy developed cancer, an enlarged heart and liver disease. We are so lost without her. Goodbye Sweet girl.  



Such a wonderful life form, that touched so many hearts, in so many ways.  I’m certain Dutchess little spirit is soaring among the happy places meant for special beings.  This soul should be shared by all who know what real love is.

SPROKETT (Sprokeo)

My little buddy. My companion from first thing in the morning until the end of day. If I was ill he would sit in the chair with me; when I was feeling great he would walk with me as we worked. He loved to GO anywhere I or his Mom went. I miss him so much it hurts. Sprokett got older, and his little body just woreout. Mom and I are glad he passed peacefully. Sprokett I'll see you at Rainbow Bridge.


Gizmo "Gizzygirl" was born in 2006, she earned her wings on Tuesday November 1st. She was given to me by a friend at 3 weeks old, separated from her mother, my wife and I raised her as a human baby. She liked quality time and be petted and wake you up. Now you're at the rainbow bridge with Hey You your big brother, rest in peace my baby girl.

You were a Beautiful hairless kitty cat around I loved all your wrinkles and features you were truly unique. You were the most loving and cuddly cat. You favorite thing was to sleep under the blankets and cuddle. I remember finding you on Facebook picked you up from toole and brought you home and it was the best decision I’ve made. I had 6 wonderful years with you. You will forever be missed.

Our wonderful “Keetsey Marie Gates”

You made us so happy. We called you our bowling alley puppy. I was told no more pets. I found you on Facebook and met the people giving you away. How lucky I was to have you. When I got home with you, I told my family I found you at the bowling alley. I love and miss you so much, I’m lost for words. You’re out of pain and can now breath, I know I will see you again. Play with your sisters and brother ‘till we meet again.

Your Family xoxoxo

Taf, Tafalicious, Barrel Bum, Potato, Mama Dog 2008-2022 My sweet girl, you came into my life as a scared little shelter puppy with the cutest curly flops a lot ears I’ve ever seen. You quickly became my best friend in the entire world. I constantly asked the question who actually rescued whom? Because I think you really saved me. I will forever miss your cold nose kisses, your excited smile, or the way you’d play rough with your sister Kira all day in the backyard. Don’t worry, I will take special care of your pink narwhal toy… your “puppy” Life will never be the same without you. We love you always Your family, Sis, Mom, Draven, Bella, Chance, Bailey, Kira, Bree, Dad, Skyler, Maddie, Lucy & Cynder ❤️❤️

Miss Izzy Bella

You came into our lives so tiny; you were one peppy puppy! I remember the day picking you out of the doggie playpen with your siblings, you were the only one that was staring up at me with a smile and your ears pointed out!  You were supposed to only be 8lbs- yet somehow reached 18!

I want you to know what a good dog you have been, we are all so blessed that we got to share almost 15 years with you!  From going to work daily with dad, you sitting on the desk, riding in the convertible sitting on the console… Oh how you loved your car rides and head out the window, won’t ever forget your doggie stroller- you came to love that so much as you aged and your wagon rides. Not to mention your love for people food and peanut butter treats!

The unconditional love you gave will be forever in my heart, no matter what, in trouble or not you loved and forgave all of life’s trying moments.

Bennie and I will be so lost without you here but knowing that you are free of pain, pills, shots, and vet appointments is a huge comfort.  You will be forever with us in doggie spirit, I felt it this weekend in the mountains with the ray of sun.

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever!

Dad, Bennie, Daddy Aaron, & The Mac’s~ We are always with you Sweet Rainbow Girl…


She was a princess and very demanding, but still very sweet. She bossed us around for almost 18 years and we willing obeyed. She was too sweet and cute to ever say no to her. We will miss her every day. The house feels so empty now, even though there are other furbabies still at home. Love you forever....until we see each other again my sweet baby girl.


Nemo (the Wonder Cat) 

From the moment you chose me to be your person, you took charge, filling my life with love and our home with happiness. For the next 18 years, you were my best friend, confidant and soul mate. Now that you’re gone, nothing seems right. Time has slowed to a crawl, and the whole world seems out of kilter. I miss you between my knees when I’m watching TV, snuggling on my left shoulder, our silly conversations, and your gentle presence. We’ll see each other again someday in a place where you won’t grow old. Rest well, sweet boy. 


Grandma and Grandpa’s Little Angel!

The best door greeter with a big smile, the best alarm clock that you could have.  Loves to get and receive hugs and kisses as we love to give them. We will miss all of these things from Lexi and more! But she will always be in our heart. You gave us so much love! We will never forget you. And we will miss you so so much.  Big big hugs Baby Girl!! The TikToc Girl!

Love you always,  
Grandma & Grandpa

Teeny (Lou Bug)

Not a day will go by that we won't think about and miss you. It was your 13th birthday a few days ago, I know grandpa was feeding you all the treats your little heart desires. You were tiny but mighty from the day you were born, your boy picked you and your girl carried you everywhere. You never left our side. You had the best little personality. Our little grasshopper catching/torturing, snuggle buddy, happy dancing, sun bathing, silly, beach loving yappy puppy girl.

We miss you so much. Love always your boy, your girl& mom


Skooter was part of our lives for 18 years.  We took him everywhere from riding on the four-wheelers in the mountains, to swimming at Lake Powell, to walking on the beaches in Oregon.  The journey we had together was amazing.  He was our little angel that brought a light  into our lives.  Skooter, we will never forget you.  We will love you forever.  Run like the wind until we meet again.  Love you!  Your family. 



You were the heart of our home. The one we brought our babies and new pets home to. You kept a watchful eye on each of us. We miss you on our walks, chores, lake trips, and your empty chair hurts our hearts. We will wish to see you rolling on your back in the sun each time we look into the pasture. We wish love could have saved you beautiful mama dog. We will see you on the other side. 

Mitzi Louise

6/1/09 –4/21/22

Mitzi Louise was an important part of our lives; we are having a difficult time moving forward without her. Mitzi knew when we needed extra love and was there by our side to make us feel better.  Mitzi was an amazing pandemic home office manager, keeping us company.  Though she had her limitations, Mitzi made up for those things in other ways.  She was unable to join us for walks and outdoor activities, but greeted us at the door upon our return and stayed close while we exercised at home.  Mitzi was a wonderful companion; we miss her dearly.   



Oct 2007 - Mar 2022

Max the WunderDog rumbled into my life in Nov 2011 as a 24.5lb sausage seeking adoption.  He really just needed a bit of LOVE and Max multiplied all he was given, even reflecting it back to his adoring humans.  Oh how we needed each other!  A lover of road trips, ice cream, movie night, bubble baths, and camping; Max loved nothing more than his squeaky toys, stealing food from unsuspecting humans, and getting his monthly Bark Box.  THANKS for 11 wonderful years.  You really were the Most Magnificent Thing!  Love you ALWAYS.  

Titan Xavier Ramirez
Dear Titan, I want you to know I am okay. I miss you every single day but I know now you are at that rainbow bridge playing in the fields, all alone like you always liked. Doing nothing but roaming freely. I will be with you again soon. Thank you for all the memories and being there every step of the way through my life, you are still my everything. From 9 weeks to 9 years; time truly does pass too fast. I remember you as you were - a serious old man, who could not stand anyone in his yard. Always with a smile on your face, looking for food; a scavenger. Well chubby know grandma is missing her shadow and the family thinks about you every day. We love you Titan, more than these words can express. Until we meet again, my friend.

Dear Doggy CJ,

You were my Comfort & Joy! (Quite the "Cracker Jack" too, which gave you the spunk to be the only survivor of your litter when we rescued you and from then on until the last hour you spent here on earth!)  You always gave your everything!  Known as "Such a Happy Face", with your talented ear and designer neckerchiefs, you were quite the celebrity at the park movie nights and ALL the Murray Park Lunch Concerts! ALL there will remember you barking, "One More! One More!" at the end of each concert! Run free now dear, CJ, spreading your Comfort & Joy as you play with your Elmo, chase squirrels and nibble on sticks across the Rainbow Bridge, as we wait here to meet you there!


2009 - 2022

We were so lucky to have you for thirteen wonderful years.  You were such a sweet and loving cat, always looking out for us.  You were Jenn's constant companion after her car accident only leaving her when she was sleeping.  We hope you are healthy and free of pain.  You were such a special cat may you be off in the warm sunshine on a wonderful adventure.  Thank you for choosing us.  We will miss and love you always.
Jenn, Barbara, Dennis special cat companions Gracie, Mei and Bandit.

My baby girl. Sarra was so loyal, so smart and always with me. She knew english better than me and followed instructions better too. She spent her days in the garden with her grandmother whenever I couldn't take her out and she never barked at the delivery people. I miss her everyday. She is irreplaceable. I miss my Sarra.
Snoopy “Weinie”

May 2008     -     December 2021

Our beloved little girl passed away peacefully December 17, 2021 at home with her family by her side. She had a long battle of mouth cancer. She was 13 years old. Snoop loved her tummy to be rubbed. She loved her blankets and dragged them around the house with her. She loved spending time with us, playing outside with her companion and being in the sun. We will miss your snuggles, your goofiness and your happy greetings as we come home and your endless wagging tail. We thank God for the time we had with you and the happiness you brought to our lives. You will always be in our hearts. We will truly miss your presence each and every day and the unconditional love you gave us. You are our baby girl, our little angel and our best friend. It is very hard to say good bye, but we will see you again. Rest in peace, no more pain little girl. You will be missed.
Love Always your family

Harley was full of life, hot laps, craved my twizzlers and wanted so badly to catch that little squirrel in the backyard. I have never felt a love like Harley’s and I will miss him everyday. I will always miss the wet nose prints on the back door and the tugs to go for walks. Until next time my Harley Bug.
Mimi the Pug
My best friend. She always cleaned her plate. She was never too busy. She was a comedian. She had a gorgeous smile. Mimi was love on four paws. Mimi liked to howl and chase horses on TV but not in real life. You always knew where you stood with this kid. She got me through the hardest point in my life. I couldn't have made it without her. Thank you for spending your short time here with us. Still hear you snore at night. Still look for you when I get home. The tiny second of hope is worth the realization that you are gone. Although I will travel alone, our happy memories will ride with me. You are loved, Mimi!