Pet Memorial Services and Pricing

We realize that each family has their own unique set of wishes when it comes to memorializing their pet.
Our staff will work with your family to tailor a distinctive pet cremation, a private family goodbye,
or a memorial service, or burial product to meet all of your needs. As part of our exceptional pet services,
we can offer the following:

  • Transportation of your pet from your home or veterinary hospital to our facilities
  • Private family goodbyes or pet memorial services
  • Large selection of pet memorial products
  • Assistance with pet cemetery or burial arrangements
  • Our secure pet tracking system for your peace of mind
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Immediate Need

What to do if you are in immediate need of our services:

Our service area is all of Salt Lake County and surrounding areas. We offer appointments at our facility between the hours of 9am-4:30pm Monday – Friday. After hours appointments are available upon request. We kindly request that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. Once you arrive at our facility we will take care of things from there. Please call us with any questions 801-487-2814.

If needed, one of our Pet Care Specialists will transfer your pet from your home or veterinary hospital. There is an additional fee for home transfers. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Burial Services

Burial is a very personal decision and only one you can make. However, the majority of pets in our society are cremated and there are several reasons for this. First, in many urban communities, laws and ordinances make it illegal for owners to bury their pets in the back yard. Second, if you did choose burial, that would more than likely require you to bury your pet in a designated pet cemetery. This option tends to be expensive. Third, cremation is an affordable and simple option that often did not exist in the past. Finally, with our society becoming so much more mobile, choosing cremation gives you the ability to take your pet's cremated remains with you if you move to another home.

If you choose burial we can assist you at a local pet cemetery or in the location of your choice. Be sure to consult local authorities before selecting the location, to make sure your pet’s remains are not disturbed in the future. We carry a complete line of beautiful pet caskets.

The Pet Funeral

A pet funeral or memorial service is a fine way to bring friends and family together in remembrance of your pet.

Humans throughout all societies and cultures use ritual and ceremony to mark life’s transitional moments. Weddings as they celebrate love, partnership, and give all in attendance hope for a bright future. Birthday events, graduations and yes, funerals–are all ceremonies that bring people together in shared celebration–and affirm the common values of living in community.

When a cherished animal companion passes away support from family, friends, and neighbors is important. Holding a pet funeral in remembrance of your pet is a fine way to bring them all together, at a time when you need them most. Just as every pet is different, every family is different. Yet, the love we have for our pets is universal. And today, the memorialized expression of this deep affection is growing more common throughout North America. And chances are good that you and your family are currently thinking of designing and placing a memorial to your cherished pet. But where do you begin? You begin by thinking with your heart, not just your head.

So What Makes a Pet Memorial?
We think it’s the love you shared, which becomes infused into the personalized cremation urn, pet grave marker or keepsake you’ve selected. Whatever you’ve chosen becomes a testament to your family’s love and devotion to their cherished pet.  With that said, we invite you to browse our online selection of pet urns & memorial products to explore the creation of a physical memorial to your cherished animal companion.

Online Pet Memorials
Grieving families today have a unique opportunity, born of Internet-based technologies: the online memorial pet tribute. Similar in concept to the online tribute websites available for human members of a community, our full-featured online pet memorials, will give you and your friends and family unique ways to pay tribute to your pet, including:

  • The Lighting of Memorial Candles
  • A Gallery of Treasured Photographic Memories

  • Memorial Donations Placement
  • Personal Messages of Condolence

If an online tribute dedicated to the memory of your pet sounds like a wonderful way to pay tribute to their loyal devotion, we can help you to host a pet memorial service or pet funeral that’s a fitting expression of the love you shared with your pet. Our experienced staff can assist you in making all the arrangements, we invite you to call us today at 801-487-2814, or stop by our office at 1727 South Major Street Salt Lake City, UT 84115 to explore the many unique ways to celebrate the life of your animal companion, and acknowledge their love and loyalty.


Final Good-Bye

Many families want to have that one last time to visit their pet after death, a visitation or wake if you will. While this may seem like a trivial thing - or possibly something that you consider morbid and odd, this one last time with your pet is valuable time spent. When the family pet dies, it is often the child's first exposure to death and can cause him or her to feel confused and upset. This gathering of family during this visitation helps the child to understand death, supports them in their grieving process and is used as a valuable tool for parents in explaining death as a natural event in life.

Many times family members, friends and other pets in the household will want to have their final goodbye with your pet too. Pets touch so many people during their short lives with us. Allow those around you the opportunity to come together, pay their respects, and support each other.

To make arrangements contact us.


Private Cremation

In a private cremation, each pet is cremated individually, with only one pet  the cremation chamber at a time.  Pet owners receive peace of mind in knowing their pet is being cremated individually. Those selecting Private Cremation also have the option of having a private family goodbye or witnessing the cremation if they would like for an additional charge.

Prices include cremation, standard service urn, cremation certificate which includes digital (ink) paw print.

0 to 4 pounds
5 to 35 pounds
36 to 75 pounds
76 to 125 pounds
126 to 200 pounds
201 pounds and over

Communal Cremation

If a Communal Cremation is chosen the ashes of the pet will not be returned.  The ashes will be scattered on private land located on the foothills of the Oquirrh Mountains.  A Certificate of Cremation will be mailed if the family desires one.

0 to 4 pounds
5 to 35 pounds
36 to 75 pounds
76 to 125 pounds
126 to 200 pounds
201 pounds and over